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We are a proud Navy Reserve family with nine years of Reserve duty behind us already! I am the one responsible for keeping things running smoothly at home and am affectionately known as COMHOMFLT. I am mom to four adorable kidlets, wife to my handsome lieutenant (our CINC), and a pilgrim journeying to an eternal home with God where my faith will become sight (and where Navy lingo will not exist)! I love chocolate, reading, and hoping against hope that my Philadelphia Eagles will one day be Super Bowl champions. I home school my children, albeit somewhat reluctantly. And, oh yes, I also have a chemical engineering degree! I spend my time doing laundry, recording kid funnies, worshiping God with my church family, navigating this love-hate relationship with the Navy Reserve, and enjoying (mostly) the moments with the kidlets God has allowed me to mother here on this earth.

My BM1 (Boatswain’s Mate) is also the SEL (Senior Enlisted Leader) and is currently eight. He loves to go for long rides on the bike paths with his dad, read Hardy Boys books, and build Lego creations. He is my breakfast manager because he needed an outlet for his managing “skills.” :)

My MC2 (Mass Communication Specialist) is constantly reminding me that she is almost six. She is the experience oriented member of our crew and loves to make up her own little storybook worlds. She is a lover of all things girly and will hopefully learn to read this year! A cuddle with daddy may be her favorite part of the day.

My spunky OS3 (Operations Specialist) is only three, but she is quite the efficient one. She loves anything wild and crazy but is a loving mommy to her many baby dolls. She cannot be let out of our sight, lest we find her marching down the main road in search of adventure as her father did at her age.

And, lastly, my little SN (Seaman) is still an Undesignated Striker. He is enjoying his first year as part of the family and attempting to survive the love of his sisters. He smiles easily, especially for his big brother, and loves to play with his tag blanket. He obligingly lets his dear and loving mother rub his downy head and kiss his chubby cheeks to her hearts desire.


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