Memorial Day 2015

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May 26, 2015 by comhomflt

I am so very thankful for the past couple of days. I don’t think we realized how much our family was in need of unhurried, spontaneous time together. Of time to sit, time to take in the surroundings, time to let the kids decide where to head next, time to let them run and explore, time to let them get their feet wet searching for critters, time to reflect, time to enjoy tradition, time to express thanks that we are together this year, and, after enduring the bitter cold and deep snow of the winter just past, time to bask in the warmth of the sun and the glow of early summer evenings. If only I could bottle up the days and drink them in later, how wonderful that would be! Then again, if we could substitute past enjoyment for the present, I suppose we might never bother to slow down at all.

All of us at the Blount Clam ShackMemorial Day 2015
Brave enough to walk out on the dockMemorial Day 2015

Visiting a family gravesiteMemorial Day 2015
Enjoying the beauty of a gorgeous morning at the Rhode Island Veterans’ CemeteryMemorial Day 2015

Atop the World War II MemorialMemorial Day 2015

Exploring the ruins at Fort Adams in NewportMemorial Day 2015Memorial Day 2015
Our Seaman doing a little adventuring of his ownMemorial Day 2015
What we came to see – the Leap Frogs!Memorial Day 2015 USN photo, MC1 Garst(USN photo by MC1 Eric Garst)

BM1, MC2, and OS3 helping this Leap Frog to pack his chute awayMemorial Day 2015Memorial Day 2015Memorial Day 2015
So many little hands! He had the patience of Job.Memorial Day 2015
All the “helpers”Memorial Day 2015
It’s not every day you get to pose with a SEAL!Memorial Day 2015
A side trip to Beavertail at the kids’ request.Memorial Day 2015
The last time we’ll end Memorial Day with ice cream at this house!Memorial Day 2015
Ice cream and a two year old…somehow messier than ice cream and a one year old!Memorial Day 2015
TwitterpatedMemorial Day 2015
This year’s obstacle “chorus”Memorial Day 2015
And, lastly, from our Seaman: “Here comes me!”Memorial Day 2015


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