Our Favorite Veteran

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November 11, 2014 by comhomflt

November 11th was originally known as Armistice Day and was designated as the day to honor those who served in “The Great War.” Regarded in that day as “The War to End All Wars,” it is unfortunately known to us today as “World War I.” Sadly, the reality of life in a fallen world resulted in the Second World War less than thirty years later, followed by further wars and combat operations around the globe, each leaving in its wake a new generation of veterans. In 1954, President Eisenhower signed legislation renaming November 11th “Veterans Day” and expanding it to honor veterans of all wars.

This Veterans Day is an unusual one for us, the first in over ten years of Reserve life that has seen a service flag displayed in the window of our home. It has been an honor, for all of us, despite the challenges and the pain of separation. I’ve blogged about the homefront side of things, but today, it is only fitting to devote a few sentences and photos to our favorite veteran, our LT.

I have no good pictures of his years as an active duty submariner available to me, but here are a couple from his enlisted Reserve time, with that customary Cracker Jack stance of his I’ve come to love.

Aboard the USS Iwo Jima (LHD-7)Our Favorite Veteran

With a training team aboard the USS Nimitz (CVN68)Our Favorite Veteran

As with every cross-section of life, so it is with the military; not every member possesses the character and integrity their position demands. However, those members are a small minority. That has been true for the near twenty years of active duty and Reserve service our LT has offered to this country, and it has certainly been true for this deployment. In every position and with each turnover, the military personnel our LT has been assigned to work with have been top-notch, bringing honor to the uniform they wear and the country they serve. They have accomplished much in a short time and have successfully turned around a failing system – at significant cost savings to the taxpayer. If you know our LT, you know he played no small role in those achievements, due to his diligent work ethic and intelligence in his field. He is a credit to his Savior, his family, his country, and the Navy; and we are proud to own him as our veteran!

Our LT has done his best to fulfill our requests, too, by taking and sending pictures; and the “My Sailor” album on my phone has become the go-to entertainment whenever the kids have to wait quietly for something. Each of us has a favorite picture, so here is where little hands and eyes pause for a few seconds as they swipe through the pictures.

BM1’s pick: Our LT waiting for a shuttle on a low battle rhythm dayOur Favorite Veteran

MC2’s pick: Our LT and a fellow officer celebrating the Navy’s birthday,
or, as MC2 explained it, “The one with the CAKE!”Our Favorite Veteran

OS3’s pick: Our LT on a weapons training day during the initial phase of deploymentOur Favorite Veteran

Our Seaman’s pick: Our LT during our pre-deployment family photo shoot.
(This picture hangs above the changing table, where our Seaman has learned to identify “lieutenant” right along with facial features.)Our Favorite Veteran

I, too, am not above looking at pictures in the album when I am blue. This is my pick: Our LT and a fellow officer on base prior to that officer’s redeploymentOur Favorite Veteran

For each veteran who has honorably, sacrificially served our country, willing to lay down their lives to protect and defend the Constitution that undergirds the freedoms we enjoy, we are forever indebted and deeply grateful. But to us, the cream of the crop, tip of the top, is our LT, and there we stop!


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