EIGHT Months Closer


November 3, 2014 by comhomflt

November is finally here. This is the month that things come full circle. The trees whose branches were bare when this began will soon be bare again. The window boxes and flower pots will soon be bitten by a hard frost, and their color will vanish. The leaves will fall and be raked up, leaving dormant grass. The skies will be leaden, and the air will be brisk. There may be snow on the ground soon, since this morning brought the very first flakes of the season. And, though I love this entire portion of the year, there will be little of the usual sadness when the last of the leaves are gone. I will, in fact, be cheering on every bit of its progress as it marches across the bike paths and lawns and roads. I will enjoy it all, but I will enjoy most the knowledge that this final transformation back to the bare landscape we began with is the last before our LT is home!

Naturally, this called for a celebration! It was a busy day, and we weren’t home together for most of it, but we found just enough time at the end of the day for popcorn and Dutch Blitz with G.I. Daddy. We play as teams, and even though the girls aren’t technically old enough, they are pretty quick! Team BM1 edged out Team Mommy by a mere point tonight.P1200278
Our Seaman, though he can hum at least ten different tunes, is not quite old enough to play Dutch Blitz. He kept us entertained with giggles and goofy faces as he meandered back and forth between his cars and his popcorn.P1200287

Tomorrow, we wake up to a new day, and – finally! – it feels like each day really is “one day closer!”


One thought on “EIGHT Months Closer

  1. Pat L says:

    Praying for your family to be together very son !!!!

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