SEVEN Months Closer

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October 28, 2014 by comhomflt

Whew! An afternoon with nothing pressing to do and enough energy that I don’t fall asleep the moment I sit down! Rather than use the next 45 minutes to clean the layers of dust off my living room blinds, I’ve decided to chronicle our seven month milestone. If I clean that dust off now, it will be back by homecoming anyway, right? Meanwhile, eight month day is almost upon us, so I’d better get cracking!

Overall, things are going more smoothly than they were in my six month blog post. We’ve found our groove with school; and apart from the several days every few weeks where the ability to think logically or rationally deserts me, we’ve reached that status-quo mentioned in all the deployment literature I’ve read. At times, it feels as if we could sustain this indefinitely, but then a single day of fighting my brain to think rationally reminds us of how much we are anticipating being a whole family again!

Since August was such a rough month, my mom rescued us with the offer of a few weeks in Pennsylvania. She suggested I take time to think about it, but I was convinced before our phone conversation ended. So, in the waning days of September, we packed up school and headed south, savoring the first hints of autumn color along the way. Of course, it was great to be back in Eagles country, and we did not waste the opportunity to enjoy it!20141002_102907
To celebrate seven month day, we headed to Dorney Park for a “free” evening. It was a campaign event (for whom, I have no idea!), only the kiddie area was open, and apparently, all of Allentown was alerted. It was crowded! Scary crowded, if you are the parent of four children! The kids were able to get on a few rides, though, and had fun in spite of it, especially since they were spending time with a cousin. BM1 and I recently read a children’s book about the first Ferris wheel, built for the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, and the kiddie Ferris wheel was his first ride on one. Who knew Dorney Park could double as a field trip?

Four kids and G.I.Daddy on the kiddie Ferris wheel20141002_174946

I thoroughly enjoyed the time we were able to spend with my nephew, too. Here he is with BM1 on one of those sickening spinning rides:20141002_185227
Our little Seaman had his first experience on a real ride, too – and loved it! Maybe I’ll finally get a roller-coaster buddy for the future.20141002_185220

And with that, seven months was history! Hooyah!


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