FOUR Months Closer!

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July 13, 2014 by comhomflt

We blinked, and four month day came and went! We didn’t let it escape us entirely, but there was barely time to upload the pictures amidst the rumpus of five busy children and summer celebrations. Now, in the solitude that envelops my Sunday afternoons these days, I have time to catalog pictures and memories before they fade.

We happened to be in Pennsylvania with Pap and Memmy on four month day, and I could think of no better place to mark it than the nearby train station. With slushies and donuts in hand, we commenced celebrating – and waiting.

G.I. Daddy kept our Seaman company and even attempted to requisition his donuts. He was denied, however, and is probably still recovering from the contortions he later endured in retribution at the hands of our Seaman.

Four Months Closer
Unfortunately, the treats ran out long before any trains were near, so there was quite a bit of “hanging around” while they waited…Four Months Closer
…and waited…Four Months CloserFour Months CloserFour Months CloserFour Months Closer
…and waited some more…Four Months Closer
…and took the usual picture under the station sign…Four Months Closer
…and a few pictures of the beautiful gardens…Four months closer
…until, FINALLY, a train came along!Four Months CloserFour Months Closer
I’m not sure the train itself was worth the wait, but the kids were thrilled with the “smashed up money” they got out of it.Four months closer
Four months would have been four months with or without a train, but after all that waiting, I am glad the kids didn’t have to leave disappointed. Four months also sounds like a good chunk of time to have knocked off this deployment, and with as busy as July is, five months will be here in another blink of an eye!


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