May Highlights

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June 22, 2014 by comhomflt

Before June gets away from me entirely, I need to record some of the good parts of May! We’ll forget about the scarlet fever episode and my trying to keep it together at the preschool Mother’s Day Tea (why did one of the girls have to find her daddy dog tags on the way over and immediately accessorize with them??), and we’ll focus on the things I’d like to remember; namely, the BLUE ANGELS! And Memorial Day!

I think I have been to part of one air show in my life, and since we are trying to make the best of this deployment, I figured it was a good year to experience the air show at Quonset Point. With four kids. On my own. I don’t know what I was thinking, but it certainly didn’t include how I would manage porta-potty breaks! Thankfully, we were rescued from that disaster by a friend who works on the base. We ended up going for the practice day, hanging out in front of the pilots’ lounges, and, naturally, making multiple trips through their building to the bathrooms – real bathrooms, thankfully. There wasn’t much flying that day, due to intermittent showers and gloomy skies, but in mid-afternoon, the Blue Angels took to the skies and made up for all that endless waiting. Wow! You know the thrill when those awesome titanium shell fireworks burst and light up a 4th of July night, setting your heart pounding with love for country and awe at how sound like that can be felt? The pride of singing The Star Spangled Banner on a momentous occasion? The awe and gratitude that rise in your heart when a group of war veterans march by in a parade? That’s what it was to experience the Blue Angels, front and center. In my mind’s eye, I can still see four jets zoom over my upturned face, the gold U.S. NAVY standing out against the blue of the wings even in the gloom of an overcast day, or the precision passes that played out in front of us, as we watched with eyes as wide as saucers. And, oh, the rumble! It may cost an insane amount of money to keep them flying, but for this Navy family experiencing deployment, it was not just the thrill of a lifetime, but a huge morale boost, too. GO NAVY! After the show, we snagged a member of the flight crew to pose for a picture with G.I.Daddy and us.

May highlights

It took us a couple of weeks to come down from our Blue Angels high, but when we did, it was time for all our Memorial Day traditions. Rather than ditching them due to the deployment, we toted G.I.Daddy along and, with a little help from Pepere and Memere, managed to maintain them all. At the Veterans Cemetery, we made our customary stop at the grave of Memere’s parents to leave flowers.

May Highlights
My favorite picture of the day was taken at the top of the World War II Memorial, a favorite destination while waiting for the ceremony to begin. This year’s keynote speaker was the president of the Naval War College, and his riveting stories of true military honor kept even the kids engaged.May Highlights
Later, after naps and a bit of downtime, we met Pepere and Memere again for clamcakes and chowder, and a certain little guy tried – and LOVED – his first clamcake! (He may look like he eats clamcakes on a daily basis, but I can assure you this was his first.)
May Highlights
May Highlights
We ended the day as we always do, eating ice cream on our front steps.
May Highlights
This was the first time our Seaman got a cone of his own. He quickly discovered it was good for eating and proceeded to cover himself in mint chocolate chip goo.
May Highlights
And whenever I’m feeling blue, I can take a look at the goofy ice cream face on this spunky girl of ours.
May Highlights
We missed having you here, LT, but since we had to endure the day without you, we did our best to fill it with good memories!


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