THREE months closer!


June 2, 2014 by comhomflt

P1190152Good-bye, month #3; I will not miss you terribly much. I will not miss the clothing changeover or the rush to get flowerbeds planted between poorly forecasted drops of rain. I will not miss the special days and traditions you brought that accentuated the absence in our family. I will not miss the mad scramble on those last few school mornings when full-blown spring fever destroyed the well-oiled routine. I will not miss the nasty cold that kept us confined to the house and left me desperate for adult conversation and a night of uninterrupted sleep. I will not miss the predicted behavioral issues I thought I could avoid with a well-structured routine and good discipline.

P1190121I will miss the month of babyhood you left behind, though. And the silly giggles and morning hugs from older siblings. I will miss four kids lined up on the sofa, noses in their books, at the close of a library day. I will remember the determination of a four-year old who willed herself to ride a bike without training wheels. I will cherish the memory of time with friends at the air show and of watching kids bounce around a fast food play land. (I was desperate that night.) I will be extra thankful for the adult conversation I DID enjoy and for friends who have encouraged me when the going was rough. And, month #3, you have left me with a better understanding of the difference between happiness and joy, which is something I hope I remember, even if I don’t miss the challenges that brought me there.

All that remains now is to say hello to month #4! We have places to go (camp!), people to see (cousins!), and things to do (Gaspee Day 5K!).


2 thoughts on “THREE months closer!

  1. LJ says:

    God is soooo Good & He certainly sustains! Psalm 55:22

    • comhomflt says:

      He is. I ponder “God is good” often, because it can be hard to reckon with at times since we can’t see beyond today and we forget that without His mercy, there would be no good. He isn’t just good when life rolls our way, although that is when we want to broadcast His goodness. Just this week, one of the kids mentioned they wished Thad hadn’t been born into heaven, but when I reminded them that we wouldn’t have Ben otherwise, I saw some of the “good” of that heartbreaking time in our lives – a boy waiting in heaven and a boy to enjoy down here and many honest discussions with the kiddos about what waits on the other side of eternity. :) And I am SO thankful for our little buddy Ben!

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