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December 22, 2013 by comhomflt

Well, this is what All Ahead Flank REALLY looks like…weeks of thoughts swirling in my head, dozens of pictures on my computer, and no way to rescue them from the bottom of the ever-expanding to-do list! We’ve gone on an outing, celebrated a holiday out of state, sorted out the deployment debacle (almost), and prepared our hearts and home for Christmas. Most of those things deserve posts of their own, but the rest of our ordinary days will have to settle for a summary of jumbled thoughts and selected snapshots.

Jumbled Thoughts

  • Never bother calling the USPS 1-800 customer service number; call your local branch instead. Calling the 1-800 number will result in lengthy hold times, allowing you to learn of the manifold ways in which the post office can “help” you, but you will not receive any actual help. The local post office will laugh at the case number you received after enduring the self-aggrandizing hold commercials for two hours.
  • Always order at least three months in advance from Kohl’s and Tassimo. It takes at least one month for Kohl’s to find items in their warehouse, and Tassimo still relies on the pony express for package delivery.
  • Christmas cookies are not necessary for a lovely holiday.
  • We have orders. WE HAVE ORDERS!!! The orders will be modified, but the deployment is definitely on, which means we can lay this to rest once and for all…well, for at least five years, during which time, that magical letter of retirement eligibility will materialize in our mailbox.
  • I am not looking forward to the pre-deployment emotional workup again. That whole last week, especially, is draining, and I think we are both numb at this point.
  • We are thankful to be spending the holidays together this year and are enjoying the feeling of living on “borrowed time” for however long it lasts.

Selected Snapshots

Memere had the opportunity to instruct a small bell choir during Sunday School, and they did an excellent job. OS3 was especially cute with her look of sheer determination.All Ahead Flank

This little guy is truly a joy to have in our family! He is always so happy (and flappy).All Ahead Flank

He has funny nap habits, too, but was especially discombobulated this day.All Ahead Flank

You may have heard of The Piano Guys? Well, we have our own duo – The Piano Kids. No CDs to offer this year, though – maybe next year.All Ahead Flank

Daddy brought down his old Legos, and BM1 surprised him by building the original sets.
All Ahead Flank

Here’s our little Seaman home sick on a Sunday – and still happy!All Ahead Flank

The girls discovered there was such a thing as face paint for home – not just carnivals – and begged me to buy some. I promised some artwork to go with their Navy cheerleader outfits and marked the Army-Navy game date on my calendar. They were thrilled, and we had a lot of fun watching the game – especially when Navy won – again!All Ahead Flank

This guy most definitely has his father’s ear. He can recall melodies after hearing them only once or twice and recently figured out how to play identifiable tunes on his harmonica!All Ahead Flank

He is also a skilled snowman builder this year! Frosty opted for the “buttoned up” look when our bag of Pennsylvania coal was found to be MIA.All Ahead Flank

This little girl is like her aunt – creating families out of everything from pretzels to people and playing house anywhere that suits her fancy. Oh for the days of “vintage” Polly Pockets!
All Ahead Flank

Our Seaman has recently discovered the world of books for himself, and that not a moment too soon! I’d be thrilled to have a family of book addicts, reading “under cover” by the light of an alarm clock dial. This here is part of our secret initiation rites.All Ahead Flank

And, finally, he has mastered the sippy cup – again, not a moment too soon, considering that the weaning process is right around the corner!All Ahead Flank


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