A Roller Coaster Ride

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November 23, 2013 by comhomflt

Bizarro at Six Flags New EnglandI love roller coasters – the giant hill, make your stomach flip, adrenaline rush kind. I am not so fond of the Navy kind. The kind that rip your heart out and then say, “Sorry, just kidding – maybe.” To live with deployment hanging over your head like the sword of Damocles for seven months, rearrange your entire life, have my LT extricate himself from his civilian job, go out on a tear-jerker of a last date, use up all civilian job vacation days prepping for a deployment, see my hubby off in his NWUs to check-in at the NOSC only to have him get a CANCELED phone-call on the way home – that is a wild ride I’d prefer not to have experienced – again.

Yes, this is our third canceled deployment, the second to be canceled within days of departure. And it’s not like there weren’t attempts made to ensure this wouldn’t happen, but when you get correspondence from in-theater that basically tells you to quit trying to secure another billet just because your current one seems defunct – that they will find a billet for you no matter what – then you have no choice but to back off. So to have them call the very morning of check-in is just beyond the pale – or, in Navy lingo – UNSAT. As a Reserve family, it is not so easy to suddenly flip the switch from active duty to Reserve status and perhaps back again.

There are so many other ways this roller coaster is not a fun ride, and we’re not even back at the platform yet. We are living in limbo for now, hoping to find something out on a holiday week. He will likely still go – somewhere – but in two weeks? Two months? And if not, how long until his name rockets back to the top of the prime-pickings list, leaving us to wait with bated breath for another “dreaded phone-call?” We would appreciate your prayers as we sit here waiting. We know all of this – the call, the waiting, the inconveniences, the planning, the emotions – was part of God’s sovereign plan for our lives, but to be honest, at this moment it is hard to see beyond the frustration of today. We are thankful that it looks like we’ll get to enjoy a Thanksgiving together – we think. And if you see us still around – at church, at the grocery store, or at work – you’ll know why!


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