Scraps of Normal Life


November 20, 2013 by comhomflt

How odd it is, the juxtaposition of our normal life against the one we are about to embark on. Today, there is lively banter at the dinner table with daddy; in a short while, his seat will be occupied by a guest or just our G.I.Daddy. Today, there is someone to run across the bike path and buy me a Coke; soon I will have to decide whether that Coke is worth loading up four kids to procure. Today, there is a daddy to carry a smiling little buddy off to bed; in a few days, I will no longer be able to watch those smiles as he disappears down the hall. Today, there is someone to make sandwiches and cut peppers for lunches; on the next school day, I will have to get up a few minutes earlier to prepare them. Today, I watch a work van leave our driveway and blow a kiss to my hubby in the dark; tonight, there is no work van in our driveway anymore and there will be no more last minute hugs while I concoct my morning chai latte. Perhaps it is this awareness – the knowledge that the ordinary will no longer be ours to enjoy in the same way – that has had us taking pictures of the mundane moments of our life, more so than usual.

Scraps of Normal LifeRocking a tired baby to sleep at naptime

Scraps of Normal LifeKids playing in the leaves (in the street) on a warm fall day

Scraps of Normal LifeBig sisters giving their baby brother his first experience of playing in the leaves

Scraps of Normal LifeThis little guy has a thing for his socks!

Scraps of Normal LifeYup! He loves to jump so much that he broke his jumper!

Scraps of Normal LifeFulfilling another dinner request – this time, coq au vin

Scraps of Normal Life Paper airplanes at church…sacrilege!

Scraps of Normal LifeMemere’s bell choir. They did a great job, thanks to their teacher.

Scraps of Normal LifePatiently waiting for Sunday dinner

Scraps of Normal LifeOur happy, flappy Seaman


2 thoughts on “Scraps of Normal Life

  1. Love the pictures….those mundane moments are what make up the lives we treasure. They are our memories.

    • comhomflt says:

      Yes, I agree. My favorite days are the ones where we have nothing but ordinary odds and ends to do – cleaning, errands, meals – just regular life. We’ve used our phone cameras recently for things we would never have bothered taking pictures of before – the two of us sitting in church, our pastor speaking, a weeknight dinner – the unheralded routines we will miss!

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