Six is for Skittles

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November 4, 2013 by comhomflt

A certain girlie turned six recently, and we had lots of fun celebrating with her and thanking God for the blessing of these years with our sweet daughter. We don’t usually have big birthday parties, but we do have some greatly anticipated traditions.

Six is for Skittles

The Cake

Each year, with some amount of fear and trepidation, I hear their requests for a birthday cake, and I do my best to fulfill them! I am no cake wizard, but I do enjoy testing the limits of my baking and decorating abilities. The most challenging cake to date was the fondant Storm Trooper; the easiest was probably a monkey face cake; the ugliest was definitely the tugboat. And what did MC2 request over and over again, but the tugboat! I successfully talked her out of it (whew!) and instead made a giant (slightly lopsided) layer cake with pink and white frosting and let HER do the decorating with Skittles. Much to the chagrin of the adults forced to partake, she managed to use most of the bag in her decorating.

The Birthday Breakfast

When our first child was born, we imported a tradition from my childhood: the birthday breakfast! My mom never wanted us to have to wait all day until school and work were over to celebrate our birthdays, so she started our day with a candle in our breakfast (even cold cereal!) and a “Happy Birthday” serenade. MC2’s birthday landed on a Sunday this year, which means she had an extra special birthday breakfast – the “big breakfast” of eggs, hash browns, and sausage that daddy makes them each Sunday morning. Since this was the last birthday celebration in our family before the deployment, it was fitting that he should make the breakfast.

The “Happy Birthday” Serenade, Pops Style

A few years ago, we began a new tradition – listening to John Williams’ “Happy Birthday Variations.” It is so clever, and who doesn’t love John Williams and the Boston Pops?!

The rest of our traditions are the usual ones involving cake, ice cream, and presents. MC2 was thrilled to unwrap something in an American Girl box – and even happier when she confirmed that it wasn’t just a re-purposed box! (Wrapping gifts can be a rather wily art in this family.) Thanks to Pap and Memmy for going Dutch on the skating outfit for Molly; she can’t wait to take Molly to the ice rink for a real skate! She also got some paper dolls, because all little girls should have a set of those to play with.

We celebrated a bit later with friends, and she spent the whole afternoon playing house and shooting (pretend) guns in the woods. Could a birthday be any more pleasant?


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