All Ahead Full


October 21, 2013 by comhomflt

Shortening days of autumn, shortening weeks together as a family; the last couple of weeks have been as wonderful as a brilliant fall day and as quick to slip by as the luminescence of changing leaves aglow in rays of the afternoon sun.

There was a family gathering to celebrate some birthdays. (Yes, you are seeing that correctly; there was a birthday girl and a birthday dog.)All Ahead Full

There was an afternoon with a boy outside playing Legos in the sun.All Ahead Full

There was a visit from a lovely Aunt who happened to be in town for a convention. (The kids took full advantage of her willingness to play.)All Ahead Full

There was a preschool field trip to a nearby farm and a little girl who turned suddenly shy and kept turning around to see if I was there and to give me little smiles.All Ahead FullAll Ahead Full

There was the loveliness of an overcast fall afternoon.All Ahead Full

There were checklists of things like wills and house repairs and fun times of games and movies and corn mazes. There were reality checks like the e-mail about gate passes that made my eyes well with tears. And there were hugs; plenty of warm, cozy hugs, though not quite enough to fill the daily “hug quota” required for deployment preparation. If only skype could do hugs, this would all be so much easier…Fall 2013 Photoshoot - MichaelDavidPhotography(Photo by MichaelDavidPhotography)


2 thoughts on “All Ahead Full

  1. Diane Scott says:

    It is a wonderful thing when we love so much that separation hurts.

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