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October 1, 2013 by comhomflt

Our weeks together are now numbering in the single digits, and we have set goals for each week so that we can keep a realistic pace on the honey-do-before-you-go list and the worst-case-scenario list while still enjoying fun family time, especially since fall is our favorite season. One thing we have both realized is – whoa! Were we ever unprepared when he came within two days of his start date four years ago! We discovered that I had never signed the power of attorney – whoops! Not sure how that got past Navy Legal, because I remember going there together to set everything up. That’s probably the worst thing we missed, but there were a thousand other ways we weren’t prepared, either. As in, maybe a list of bills to be paid on a monthly basis would have been good. (You can be sure I won’t let the opportunity for a beeeeeautiful speadsheet go to waste this time around!) Or perhaps I should have gotten qualified on our programmable thermostat, because it is complicated enough to satisfy a Nuke; that’s for sure.

Our honey-do-list item of the week was rearranging kidlet beds, yet again. (You would be amazed at the number of combinations and permutations of sleeping arrangements possible in a teensy house.) Just when we were arriving at the conclusion that it was time to separate the boy and girls, a lovely lady from our church called to see if we were interested in a twin bed with a trundle! I was literally pondering how we would manage to provide suitable sleeping options when the phone rang to let us know the bed was ours! God was taking care of our needs before we even had a chance to ask Him about them. And now, the boys are in one room and the girls are in another! We also own two twin beds with trundles, which I think is totally cool! Wouldn’t you have loved to have slept in a trundle as a kid? One of these days, after a bit of redecorating, I’ll post some pictures.

In other news, FALL is officially here! I adore family traditions, and one of ours is to read – you guessed it! – James Whitcomb Riley’s When the Frost is on the Punkin’.
All Ahead StandardAfter that, it’s time to light the apple cinnamon candles…and, um, turn on our Christmas music!

The September weather in New England this year has been nothing short of spectacular! Mornings are cool and crisp, leaves are starting to turn, the sky is a brilliant blue color, mums are popping up on front steps and porches everywhere, and cozy evenings are well on their way now that we’ve passed the equinox. We are thankful that our last weeks together are during this wonderful time of year!

We did have a few other exciting happenings around here besides reveling in fall. I finally managed to snap a picture of the little guy’s first teeth poking through.All Ahead Standard

MC2 learned how to tie her shoes…in one day! Just when we think we have her pegged, this girl surprises us again!All Ahead Standard

My LT and I had a lovely lunch date at one of our favorite places, Legal Seafoods, courtesy of a gift card my hubby earned for his diligent efforts at work. Since we had a gift card, we each got something special – lobster bisque for me and oysters for him. I think this was the second time I’ve had lobster bisque in a year, and considering that I often go several years without it, I really felt special! Even in the land of clam chowdah – red, white, and Rhode Island – there is nothing like a good bowl of lobster bisque! Sharing the experience with my best friend makes it that much better.All Ahead Standard

OS3 practiced for her future career as a hairdresser. Oh, the things a boy with older sisters must put up with!All Ahead Standard

We made our Friday Night Drive, a tradition that’s been around since MC2 was a fussy newborn, a bit more exciting by picking up some cider and donuts to enjoy.All Ahead Standard

We also picked up some Indian corn, gourds, and pumpkins, but, to me, this little guy was the cutest pumpkin of all!All Ahead Standard


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