Our Book Addiction

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September 26, 2013 by comhomflt

Our Book AddictionI saw this sign in one of those touristy shops along North Conway’s Main Street this summer and couldn’t resist taking a picture. I know it may come as a shock to some, but given the choice, I’d rather have books than chocolate! I offer as proof the fact that I exited the store with nothing more than three books. I will not deny, though, that it is possible for the reading experience to be enhanced by chocolate. In the end, however, the need for books prevails over that for chocolate.

Reading is not only a delight, but also a wonderful privilege! As I studied through ancient history with my son over the previous two years, it amazed me to discover how unusual it was for an ancient civilization to have a written language. We tried to imagine life without written words; and though there is good to be said for oral tradition, I ended up feeling sad for the people of those civilizations. There was no way to preserve their history or to learn from it as each chose or to escape into worlds outside that of their own experience. This realization made me so thankful for a culture of written words and for those who took the time to teach me how to read and, most importantly, for my mom, who ignited a passion for reading in all of her children and did her best to feed our insatiable desire for reading material.

Now we come to the dilemma of a reader: where to stash the paraphernalia. Despite the fact that I own an e-reader and favor borrowing library books over purchasing them, nearly every room of our house, excluding the bathroom, boasts at least one pile of books. I’ve often found it amusing to note the books everywhere, and this time I decided to document our crazy addiction with the camera.

We do actually have a few legitimate homes for our books, but they are woefully inadequate.

Our Book AddictionOur Book Addiction
Our school and “big kid” bookcase and our “little kid” bookcase.

Our current schoolbooks reside on a shelf in the officeOur Book Addiction

above a donated bag of books I have yet to explore.Our Book Addiction

On this day, the only books in the kitchen were these,
corralled in their proper location.Our Book Addiction

The living room is home to our library book bag,Our Book Addiction

a stack of (magically reappearing) board books on the coffee table,
Our Book Addiction

a pile of books attesting to school in progress,
Our Book Addiction

some light reading for nursing sessions with my Seaman,
Our Book Addiction

and a stack of fake books for decoration!
(Because we just don’t have enough real books in the house.)Our Book Addiction

The evidence of bookworms in the house is even more apparent in the bedrooms, where dressers serve as de facto book shelves and books can be stashed in bedside pockets sewn by a mother who aids and abets our book addiction.
Our Book AddictionOur Book Addiction
Our Book AddictionOur Book Addiction

Even the baby has his own pile of (munchable) books.Our Book Addiction

So, how is it for you? Is your house littered with books? Do you tidy stacks of books several times a day or hurriedly hide them when company comes? Do you read junk mail and cereal boxes when you run out of books? If so, you are one of the privileged, a literate member of a society with a written language and uncountable numbers of books to prove it. May we use that privilege to its proper advantage – to discover the Creator of all, the One Who authored the living Word of God. May we also learn from history what we ought, and may we discover and explore worlds we may otherwise never see were it not for the magic carpet of books.


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