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September 14, 2013 by comhomflt

If you have children, you’ve no doubt wondered which number child would be the hardest to adjust to. Three was the most challenging, so far, personality not withstanding; but I have never had a quantifiable measurement of the difficulty until this year. I will spare you the engineering data, but suffice it to say, the addition of a fourth child has reduced my literary pursuits to counting the number of half-finished articles occupying the tabs on my Opera browser. I did, however, manage to read a book in its entirety this week: a signed copy of Turn The Ship Around!, by L. David Marquet, Captain, USN (Ret), given to my LT by a Chief who formerly served with him. Yes, it was about submarines and leadership, but that is entirely understandable, considering that I swiped it off my LT’s nightstand. Although it wasn’t about parenting, the author did make a point throughout the book that translates directly to parenting; that is, to allow children to learn without jumping in to rescue them (or speed the job along, as parents are wont to do). In addition, the book also gave me yet another peek into life on a sub, and considering that I live with a former Nuke in a small house, I might as well embrace it, right? After all, that is how I got the name COMHOMFLT!

All Ahead StandardMy neglected stack of books

Speaking of children, and of the fourth, in particular, it has been a thoroughly enjoyable week! He is at a fun stage, with plenty of smiles and giggles for anyone who walks by and quite a few pinchable rolls to make me smile! He can just about sit without a sibling spotter, and we’ve found him sleeping on his side a few times now. The edge of his first tooth has cut through, although it is still too little to show up in a photo just yet.

All Ahead Standard

His siblings enjoy him every bit as much as the LT and I and can’t wait for him to really be able to “play.” This week, he was introduced to Hess trucks and singing pink phones, both of which he loved. He and his big brother also modeled their NWUs, which daddy was so kind to pick up on his drill weekend before they were back ordered. (Note: Do not try, as we did last year, to find them in October. People like us who need outfits for costumed Cub Scout camp fires will have bought them all.)

All Ahead Standard

Play is really such an important part of childhood, and though it often seems like just so much clutter, I sometimes stop and smile and think that it really is wonderful. This is what I like to call the “litter of girlies:” an abandoned picnic setup with empty strollers, a lone doll, play s’mores fixings, a blanket with plates and baby bottles, and some rumpled doll clothes. One day, so I’ve been told, I will miss this; and I think that is so.

All Ahead Standard

And what could be sweeter than this view from my kitchen window as I prepare meals but my sweet, flighty, people loving, experience oriented little girl swinging – alone! – for long stretches of time?
All Ahead Standard
How do you like to go up in a swing,
Up in the air so blue?
Oh, I do think it the pleasantest thing
 Ever a child can do!
from “The Swing,” by Robert Louis Stevenson

A bit of summer, a bit of fall, and many pleasant memories this week. And with that, here’s my little Seaman with a message for you!



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