All Ahead Standard

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September 7, 2013 by comhomflt

All is right in the world…
All Ahead Standard…now that Happy Ted Toad finally hopped back into our lives.

With Happy Ted’s appearance came wet, yucky weather, but we managed to squeeze in some mini-golf, go-karting, and carousel rides between the rain drops and flash flood warnings. We chuckled later over the girls’ choices of carousel animals – an aardvark for OS3 and, of course, a flashy, irridescent, girly-colored dragon for MC2.
All Ahead Standard

We had lunch outside, against our better judgment; and, though we did have to abandon our table a bit early, the kids enjoyed the view while we waited for our food. They were fascinated by all the fishing boats and were especially thrilled to see two ferries sail right before their very eyes!
All Ahead Standard

Before heading in, my LT insisted on a self-portrait; and when he says, “But I’m going away; I need some pictures of us!”, what can I say? Unfortunately, such pictures include my “You-know-how-I-feel-about-self-portraits” look. Oh well. It was a nice day, so maybe he will think of that when he looks at it later!
All Ahead Standard

The ride home turned out to be more of an adventure than our planned morning adventures! We should have heeded that flash flood warning, because we honestly had trouble getting back to our house – not a good situation when your children had bottles of root beer for lunch! The nearby underpass that always floods in heavy rain was flooded, and, predictably, a car was stuck in the water. What was unusual was that the main road near us had turned into a river, and we saw at least one car that had been swept off the road! We were very thankful to eventually pull up at our warm and dry house! This was the perfect cap to our adventurous day; a little guy venturing into new “sitting” territory.
All Ahead Standard

The sun that peeped out the next morning was a welcome sight, indeed! Although it didn’t last all day, it was lovely enough for some outdoor pictures of the girls headed off to their first day of preschool.
All Ahead StandardIt was rather funny when Pepere arrived to pick them up. All at once, they accosted him with shouts of, “Pepere! Did you see my new lunchbag? Pepere, look at my new dot-to-dot shoes! Pepere, our toad got away!” I love that I snapped this lucky shot to capture the moment!

The boys and I wasted no time in having fun while the girls were away! We did do actual school work, but we enjoyed being together, too; just the three of us.
All Ahead Standard
All Ahead Standard
All Ahead StandardWe checked out a cool, “new” climbing playground nearby and gave Ben his first ride in a swing. All in all, a lovely week!


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