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August 30, 2013 by comhomflt

This has been a relatively normal week; only four of us were on antibiotics, and only one of us had doctor appointments! Hurrah! And I haven’t had to leave the house during school hours to drag anyone anyplace! Woohoo! School went rather smoothly; I only had to alter my lesson plans a handful of times instead of scrapping whole sections and flying by the seat of my capris (or “puh-crees”, if you are OS3). The kids did have more candy than we’d like, but we haven’t ordered pizza all week, and some ironing actually got done. And here are some of the reasons we took a few moments to track down the camera:

All Ahead Standard

Our little guy, ready to join the Black Gang on the Sand Pebbles. I think I heard him saying “live steam stop valve” the other day…

All Ahead Standard

Making elaborate block tunnels for use with the Rush Hour cars

All Ahead Standard

A creative use of some very strong magnets given to us by someone.
Unfortunately, they have been confiscated for a bit, because someone insisted on putting them in their mouth, despite our stern warnings. Until next time…

All Ahead Standard

A favorite moment of my week…my very own unsolicited Peter and the Wolf performance! She played a bit, then stopped for a narration, “Mommy, this is the part where they are walking in the woods!” “Mommy, now the duck is in the water!” I loved it!!! She is going to be our musician, I think. BM1 has an ear for music, it would appear, but this little girlie loves to hammer away at the piano, make up tunes, sing songs from her books, “dance” to the Nutcracker, and “copy” what I do on the piano. (Today, she was trying to play chords after watching me play an arrangement.) OS3, you can give me a Peter and the Wolf performance any time!

All Ahead Standard

“Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match…”

She was enamored with this scarf this week! I’m not sure who she was pretending to be, but I had to stop and snap a picture of the hooded artist hard at work.

And now…just a few more days until…SEPTEMBER! The start of our favorite season of the year! Apples, corn mazes, pumpkins, leaves, cool, crisp air, bright blue skies, cinnamon, cloves, Thanksgiving, Christmas music, orange, yellow, brown, autumnal equinox, open windows…we are ready to welcome fall!!


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