School…Ready, Set, Go!

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August 22, 2013 by comhomflt

Mid-August has arrived, and though we reveled in the freedom summer brought to us three months ago, at least one person is ready for the reliable routine of school days to return. (That would be me, in case you’re wondering.) The weather has suddenly cooled off; we are finally getting our June, and the kids have been living outside from breakfast until dinner. But, even they are ready, though they’d not like to admit it. :) They have organized and re-organized their new school things and are constantly asking for something to do. Luckily for them, I have just the thing…school! And I don’t have to wait any longer to begin.

School is most definitely going to be different this year! Deployments have a way of doing that, and one way or another, that seems to be a part of our immediate future. We had always had a “Plan A” for that, seeing as homeschooling with four children and no husband would pretty much be a prescription for insanity! Plan A was to send the oldest two to the local Christian school, but the Lord clearly had other ideas in mind, because we found out the school was closing within a week of getting the deployment notice! (At least I’m not also expecting a baby this time around.) There were certainly tears when I realized Plan A had become obsolete because, the truth is, we never had a Plan B! Thankfully, after some prayer and a few weeks of trying to come up with something – anything, really – that didn’t involve my being responsible for the children’s discipline, well-being, AND education 24-7, a Plan B was born. We are now onto Plan C, an iteration of Plan B, but I think it will work. We’re testing it out while we still have our training wheels, i.e. Daddy is still around. So far, so good! And here is proof of our very successful first day!

First Day of School 2013

What? Eating Del’s doesn’t seem like school to you? Unfortunately, it is the best I have! The day sped by so quickly that we ended up with only an end-of-the-day snapshot. And for the curious, here is Plan C:

BM1 – Third grade – ABeka video for language and math, Sonlight for reading, history, and read-aloud. (I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Sonlight for history!!! I, who read books from the 900’s section of the library for fun, learn new things from their elementary history curriculum nearly every day!)

MC2 – Kindergarten – Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, supplemented by ABeka K5 phonics workbooks. And if I can just calm this girl’s wiggles for five minutes, I will consider it success! (I think she may have a future in gymnastics, judging by the bizarre positions she contorts her body into every two minutes.) She’ll also attend preschool two days a week.

OS3 – She’ll tag along with her sister and hopefully learn something along the way. She can already shout the vowels when we sing “Old MacDonald” in phonics, so she will at least know those. Really, I just need to keep her contained so the others can learn something useful, and, who knows? Maybe she will entertain strangers at the grocery store by shouting her vowels at them. Or maybe she’ll just impress her preschool teachers for the two afternoons a week she is there.

SN – We’re still focusing on getting him to sit up, and I think I can do that for free, with no workbooks or homework required! Actually, he is a lovable little bundle with a nice tuft of hair on the top of his fuzzy head that rubs my chin when he sits in my lap during reading time. I must enjoy it while I can, because soon enough, he’ll be tooling all around the living room as I read from Johnny Tremain.

And now, I’m off to finish up the remnants of our school day, and maybe clean up those pesky lunch dishes…


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