First Food

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July 23, 2013 by comhomflt

Our little Seaman was ready for food, much to his mother’s dismay. The moment when my babies start supplementing their nursing with food is always a bittersweet one for me. For nine months of pregnancy and five or so months of babyhood, I have been their only source of nourishment. Those fat thighs? Mommy’s milk! Those gummy smiles as they drift off to sleep? Mommy’s milk! Those oh, so pinchable cheeks? Mommy’s milk! And, of course, those unoffensive, hilariously noisy nursing baby poops that I am loath to relinquish? Mommy’s milk! But, it was time. The little guy wasn’t quite satisfied anymore after his feedings – especially after his bedtime feeding, and my Lt. and I are willing to do just about anything to make sure he’s happy at night! Oh yes, he is number four, and we have learned that sometimes sleep IS the most important thing! So, with little fanfare (he is #4, after all), we broke out the rice cereal and prune juice, I balanced a camera on my knee, and with the baby in his bouncy seat and the girls practically on top of him, we pried his mouth open and dumped the first bite in. If you’re wondering whether he liked his first bite of real food, I think the smile says it all!

first cereal

After a couple days of that lovely cardboard and juice mixture, we whipped up a real gourmet meal…steamed sweet potatoes! And, thanks to my Lt., who happens to be VERY handy at pureeing (that happens when you have your jaw wired shut after a bicycle accident), we had a few weeks’ supply of sweet potato ice cubes ready to go!

Master of the Blender

Our little Seaman approved of his daddy’s hard work, and now we are off on all kinds of new food (and poop) adventures! Maybe we won’t need following seas, but fair winds might be nice, because it is now going to be a rather “stinky” voyage!

first sweet potatoes


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