Father’s Day

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July 9, 2013 by comhomflt

There are all kinds of dads out there, but we have the market cornered on the good ones! They might not be absolutely perfect (as in, some root for Army and one is a Buccaneers fan), but in the ways that count, they are great.

I always hoped the man I married would be a good daddy, and I have not been disappointed. He helps in all sorts of ways, doing everything from extra errands to baths, dishes, and laundry, but my favorite moments are when he leans over to hug one of the girlies at dinner or when he works with BM1 on some “man project.” These two dapper guys matched for Father’s Day, so after a enjoying a yummy breakfast of farmer’s casserole, fruit, bagels, and orange juice and watching him open the gifts picked out by the kiddos (all involving coffee, of course), we managed to snap a picture. I love it that BM1 wants to be just like his daddy!


We are also thankful for two wonderful grandfathers – Pap and Pepere! We didn’t get to see Pap on Father’s Day, but he was treated to a “Breakfast with the Guys” when we saw him next! I am thankful for his constant prayers for me and our family and the many fun memories we have shared, and I miss not seeing him often. I’m not quite sure I miss the corny jokes, but maybe that’s because I’m married to a similar species.


We DID get to see Pepere on Father’s Day, and we used one of our favorite pictures from Memorial Day to make a card for him; unfortunately, it was enjoyed more by their naughty dog Bijou! I am thankful for Pepere’s thoughtfulness and helpfulness and all the time he spends with the kiddos, as well as his example of faithfulness to the Lord!


We are so thankful for our dads, and we love them both very much!


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