Memorial Day 2013

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June 10, 2013 by comhomflt

It is quite possible that we have more traditions for Memorial Day than most people have for Christmas, but those traditions have served to make it a fun and meaningful day that is eagerly anticipated each spring. School has finished, the weather is hopefully warming, and we pause on the brink of summer to remember the sacrifices of our nation’s heroes and the worthy causes for which they gave their last full measure of devotion.

The kids have been dressed, the flowerbed and flowerpots decorated with flags, the lunches packed, and the baby fed…it’s finally picture time! Somehow, there are appropriate sizes of patriotic clothing for everyone, and we snap a few quick shots before heading to the ceremony.

P1160187 P1160188

A few extra shots of our special blessing, our little Seaman, are necessary.

P1160183 P1160185

The Veterans’ Cemetery is peaceful, even on a busy day like Memorial Day. Flags flutter everywhere, and we wind our way along the crowded drive to our usual shaded parking spot. We pile out and begin the annual hunt for Pepere and Memere’s G’s headstone…who will find it first? The sun is always in a terrible position for pictures, but we take them nonetheless before letting the munchkins run free between the rows.


We “snag” our seats under the ceremony tent, eat some lunch, and then head to the WWII memorial where the path wraps around a hill and makes for excellent running, until, of course, one kidlet takes a serious tumble, leaving me to escort a screaming, bloody child past the entire Congressional delegation. Nice.

Before calamity struck

Before calamity struck

No Memere this year to entertain kidlets during the ceremony, but, aside from a few fussy moments from the Seaman, we sail right through. We even make the news that night! Then, it’s back home, to recover a bit, before celebrating the arrival of summer with clam cakes and chowdah and ice cream on our front steps!

052713 P1160235

The last bit of tradition involves letting the kids run barefoot through the grass until evening falls and we call them in for baths. This year, there were no gummy ice cream mustaches to scrub off or red, white, and blue clothes requiring a year’s worth of Shout to recover. I should be happy about that, but messy little ones have just been part of the holiday until this year, so it just doesn’t seem right!

Standing watch

Standing watch

All in all, our Memorial Day is one of excellent memories, and we are all glad to officially welcome summer!


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